Researching previous technology there have been numerous applications developed to lock your phone including one named Focus Lock. It was developed to help prevent distraction and procrastination while studying or completing work. A user can select which apps on their phone they would care to lock and then set a timer. Apps focusing on the prevention of mobile phone usage while driving include DriveOFF which is an Android app developed by an insurance company called Esure. The app can detect when a driver is travelling at a speed more than 10mph and will lock certain apps and stop any incoming calls and text messages. Another app developed by AT&T called DriveOff similarly will detect when the driver is travelling more than 25mph and will respond to any messages received that the driver is busy and will get back to them soon it also will mute sound notifications to prevent further distraction. TextBuster is a password protected app that requires hardware instalment to the car. When entering the car, the app will notify the hardware. Text messages, email and internet access will be temporarily disabled while the car is moving however the phone can still make and receive calls and GPS map functions still work. The hardware compatible for this app is expensive starting at around $170.

Looking at the technology currently available we decided to build on from this and develop RoadBlock that can be implemented not only as an app that can lock your phone while driving but also a free educational tool for drivers. The quizzes, facts and statistics will inform and indoctrinate drivers the psychology behind why it is so dangerous using a mobile phone while driving to help them fully understand the danger they are putting themselves and others around them. Completing these quizzes will help users earn different achievements and help motivate them to continue using the app and collect “safe kilometres” which can be shared on their social media accounts.